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Crash Course Clinic

A new clinic series designed to help understand the keys to all types of shots in golf.  The schedule will be (6) 1hr group classes, held Saturdays and Sundays for 3 weeks.  Topics will include Full Swing Fundamentals, Full Swing Irons, Full Swing Woods and Driver, Chipping & Pitching, Bunker, and Putting.  Join in one, or join in all.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn the fundamentals of all the shots you need around the course!

1 Class - $30

Package (All Classes) - $150

- Coming Soon -

Golf Shot
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Full Swing Fundamentals
(date to be determined)

Create a great foundation with proper set-up and general swing motion.

Full Swing Irons
(date to be determined)

Learn more specific motions of the body that help create solid contact and launch the ball off the turf.

Full Swing Woods/Driver
(date to be determined)

Know what to focus on for the longer clubs, and how to properly hit the ball off the tee.

Playing Golf

Chipping & Pitching
(date to be determined)

Learn how to get the ball closer to the hole by choosing the correct shot and executing the motion.

(date to be determined)

Gain confidence and learn how to get the ball out of the sand in one try.

(date to be determined)

Lower your shot count by eliminating costly 3+ putts.

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